Mansfield Zoo History
Mansfield Zoo commenced in early 2000 as a wildlife park with deer and Australian native animals. Over time the collection of animals grew and the Zoo now boasts over 100 native and exotic animals. Most of our animals can be hand-fed by visitors, which is a rare and very rewarding treat for animal lovers of all ages. We now also have accommodation for the intrepid, with ‘Swagovers’ in the Zoo

Mansfield Zoo Team
The Zoo is owned and operated by Bronwen Wilson and David Murphy. Bronwen and her son Jordan and daughter Alisha embarked on their animal-lover’s journey to Mansfield in December 2005. Day to day activities at the Zoo are also carried out by our many helpers, from work experience students at local schools, Universities, TAFE’s, and Timbertop, to Willing Workers on Organic Farms (Wwoofers) from all around the world.