Opening Hours

Open: 10am daily, except Christmas Day
Close: 5.30pm Winter schedule, 6.30pm Summer schedule

Handfeed most animals all day long, or come along to the Main Zoo Keeper Animal Feeding, 1.30 pm each Saturday, Sunday, Public and Victorian School Holidays.

Hear our zookeepers feed and talk about lions, monkey, dingos, and other animals. Note that feeding times changes to 7pm for New Years Eve, with the Zoo open until 10pm

BBQ Facilities:
BBQ facilties are available for zoo visitors to use free of charge throughout the day. Note that the BBQ’s are reserved for overnight campers use only after 5pm.

Anytime the Zoo is open (Monkeys, deer, kangaroos, wallabies, emu, ostrich, etc.) Note that some animals are fed with the use of a small spade which is provided with your feed.

Lion Feeding 1.30 pm weekends and Victorian holidays and by arrangement with bus tours.
Meerkat feeding after the lion feeding on weekends and Victorian holidays

Entry Prices:
$18 Adults, $16.50 seniors, $10 children
$54 two adults and two children, $63 two adults and three children
$2.50 small bucket animal feed, $15 large bucket of animal feed

Bus Tours:
Arranged with your group at a time that suits you, including Zoo Keeper guided Tour and the feeding of our magnificent lions.